Creative Urge Studio
Lookin' Over the Edge
Music Credits: SL Guthre
Producer Credits: SL Guthre
Performance Credits: SL Guthre
Label Credits: Creative Urge Productions
Long Song Description:
someone who has struggled all their life is now on the verge of making it and they can now see over the edge of their old world into the vast possibilities that lie ahead
Song Length: 1:59
Primary Genre: Electronic-Electronica
Secondary Genre: Electronic-Industrial
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Subject Matter 1: Change
Subject Matter 2: Excitement
Mood 1: Ecstatic
Mood 2: On Cloud Nine
Similar Artist 1: Emerson, Lake And Palmer
Language: No Language
Era: 2000 and later
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Scott Guthre owner - CU Studio
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