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Faith & Power R3 MX1B2
8 bar intro
vrs 1
Shadrach, Meshach & A-BED-nego
three young men, living life with ease.
They were called to, bow down and worship
a golden statue, on their knees.
vrs 2
They said no. NO.
We will not bow down.
No. NO.
or bend our knees.
No. NO.
We will not worship,
Another god, Just to please
pre chorus
They did not take, the safe way out.
They did not try, to tame the crowd.
They just held fast, in the Lord
they faced the fire, the angry hoard.
They had faith (faith)
and power. (and power)
Yes faith. (faith)
and power from the Lord,
they had faith, (faith)
and power. (power)
and His love,
made them more
They said to Neb....
vrs 3
God, will help, He'll help us through this
now, we pray, and take your test.
If, we die, we want you all to know ,
we stand, in faith, in Heaven we will rest.
vrs 4
Once they're in, Ol Neb gazed in the fire.
He saw, an angel, amongst the
they were walking round', talking calmly
not affected, by the blaze.
pre chorus
The king yelled loud, into the
searing furnace.
He called to them, each by name.
Shadrach, Meshach, A-BED-nego
Your God is worthy, He beat the flames.
you (we) have faith (faith)
and power. (and power)
Yes faith. (faith)
and power from the Lord,
you have (we have) faith, (faith)
and power. (power)
and His love, (His love)
{first time only}
made you more
{on repeat only}
(makes us more)
Shadrach, Meshach & A-BED-nego
Shadrach, Meshach & A-BED-nego
Shadrach, Meshach & A-BED-nego
Shadrach, Meshach & A-BED-nego
Lyrics Credits: sl guthre
Music Credits: sl guthre
Producer Credits: sl guthre
Performance Credits: Stauffer vox / Stuart clav/ Scott bgv/ Guthre
Label Credits: Creative Urge
Short Song Description:
Faith and perseverance in God gives us power.

Long Song Description:
3 young men are challenged to forsake the God of Isreal. They survived being burned in a blazing furnace through faith in their God in the face of incredible odds.
Story Behind the Song:
A sermon at church moved me and this song is the result.
Song Length: 4:40
Primary Genre: Rock-Religious
Secondary Genre: R & B-Funk
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Judgement
Subject Matter 2: Power
Mood 1: Tense
Mood 2: Exultant
Similar Artist 1: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Similar Artist 2: Bruce Springsteen
Language: English
Era: Before 1600
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