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Long Ago and Far Away
Lyrics Credits: Diana Rasmussen
Music Credits: SL Guthre
Producer Credits: SL Guthre
Performance Credits: Diana Rasmussen, SL Guthre
Short Song Description:
memories of a lifetime gone by.....
Long Song Description:
a look back at where we've been and God's ever present love and grace that has traveled the journey with us.
Story Behind the Song:
I came up with a Bob Seger ballad like chord progression. Diana wrote a wonderful lyric in one day focusing on a long ago far away place that is somehow here with us but has moved into the background of our life. In upgrading my recording rig I have lost the lead vocal for this song and I need to redo it again please.
Song Length: 5:11
Primary Genre: Pop-Religious
Secondary Genre: Pop-Religious
Subject Matter 1: Life
Subject Matter 2: Sorrow
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